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Integrating Urology Services in an ASC

Traditionally, ASCs have been known for their efficiency in handling various surgical procedures. However, the integration of specialized services like urology is redefining outpatient care. Urology, a field that deals with urinary tract diseases, requires surgical expertise and advanced equipment.…

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ASCs and the Fight Against Opioid Misuse

ASCs and the Fight Against Opioid Misuse Opioid misuse has become an alarming public health crisis in recent years. While these drugs may relieve acute and chronic pain, their potential for addiction and overdose is concerning. Ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs)…

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ASCs and Community Health: The Local Impact

Access to quality healthcare is an important factor in determining the overall well-being of a community. Ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) are becoming increasingly prevalent due to their accessibility and affordable rates, making them ideal partners for local healthcare providers in…

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