Financial Benefits Through Partnership

We’re always eager to expand our network of dedicated surgeons like you, offering unique growth opportunities for our shared success.

Ownership Opportunities

Explore the potential to shape our future. Your involvement could extend to a board seat and partial ownership, offering a unique stake in our center’s success.

Physician Network

Join our robust network, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange. Enhance your practice through shared expertise and collaborative opportunities on complex cases.

Marketing Assistance

Leverage our sophisticated marketing strategies to expand your patient base. Utilize our digital platforms, including social media, to elevate your practice’s visibility.

Increase Your Surgical Volume with Our 5-minute Turnover Time

Say goodbye to endless waiting in between surgeries in a hospital operation room!  Our rapid turnover time across all specialties means you can perform more surgeries each day to increase your earnings.

Join Our World-class Outpatient Surgical Facility

A member of our surgeon support team is ready to answer any questions you may have and help you begin your application for surgical privileges. Call (718) 425-4850 today.

Additional Benefits of Performing Surgery at Queens Surgical Center

State-of-the-art Equipment

Empower your practice with our cutting-edge equipment, ensuring quality at competitive rates.

Multilingual Staff for Clear Patient Communication

Our skilled and friendly support staff are fluent in English, Chinese and Spanish, helping you communicate clearly and effectively with every patient.

Exceptional Patient Care & Service

Experience unmatched patient care, from our door-to-door car service to streamlined surgical scheduling.


Practice Support Staff

Behind every successful surgical procedure is our team of dedicated support staff, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

  • Over 10 years of combined surgical experience
  • Competence in pre-surgery preparations and post-operative care
  • Flexible and efficient scheduling system to accommodate unique needs
Patient Concierge Service

Our complimentary car service coordinates patient transportation to and from surgery, leading to higher surgical volume and more satisfied patients.

Hear From Our Surgeons: Stories of Excellence and Collaboration

Our reputation is built on trust, collaboration, and a shared vision of success. Hear directly from our surgeons about the unparalleled support and opportunities they’ve found with us.

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