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David M. Paz ORT, ST

Surgical Tech

David M. Paz ORT, ST, is a distinguished surgical technologist at Queens Surgical Center renowned for his extensive expertise and dedication in the medical field. His proficiency in an array of surgical procedures significantly contributes to the center’s excellence.

David’s journey in healthcare begins with a solid educational foundation. He attended Western Suffolk Boces in Northport, where he diligently earned a diploma and certification of completion. Committed to ensuring the highest standards of patient care, David also acquired certification in Basic Life Support (BLS) for Health Care Providers, encompassing CPR and AED training.

As his career progressed, David made a notable impact as an operating room surgical technologist and orthopedic coordinator at Melville Surgery Center. Serving from 2008 to 2013, he played a pivotal role in the operating room, specializing in orthopedic procedures. His pursuit of excellence led him to Marotta Facial Plastic Surgery, where he further refined his skills, focusing on facial and body cosmetic surgeries as an operating room surgical technologist.

Before joining Queens Surgical Center, David also rendered his services at East Hills Surgery Center in Greenvale, New York. Here, his role as an operating room surgical technologist was marked by exceptional performance and commitment.

David’s skill set is comprehensive and encompasses proficiency in maintaining aseptic techniques, which is crucial in preventing infections during surgeries. Moreover, he is adept at creating a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental environment for patients. His surgical acumen spans a wide range of procedures, including OB/GYN, podiatry, vascular, plastic & reconstructive, optical, neurosurgical, and orthopedic surgeries.

Adding to his repertoire of skills, David is fluent in English and Spanish. This linguistic ability enhances his communication skills, particularly in patient interactions. His capacity to efficiently multitask in high-pressure environments, combined with an unwavering dedication to patient care, renders David M. Paz an invaluable asset to Queens Surgical Center and the broader medical community.

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